The super hard spelling test!

Hi! I'm back with the totally unexpected. A spelling test. This is pretty difficult, so are you an awesome speller? I bet you are. There are few amazing spellers. But there are lots of good spellers.

So, are you an amazing speller? Lets see! Have so so so much fun on my fith quiz! Have an amazing and spectacular day! I hope you enjoy! See you in like too seconds when you read the questions!

Created by: Jellycupcake

  1. Choose the correct spelling for this word.
  2. Which is the correct spelling of this word?
  3. Which is correct?
  4. Which is correct?
  5. Which is correct?
  6. Which is correct?
  7. Which is correct?
  8. Which is correct?
  9. Which is correct?
  10. Are these words right?

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