The Super Duper Random Quiz

This quiz is to see how random you are. A random person says and does random things. MONKEYS! Sorry, force of habit. That was really random, don't you think?

In this quiz, there are some really stupid questions. Just pick the answer that you would most likely say. At the end, you will find out just how random you actually are!

Created by: haley

  1. Do pigs fly?
  2. What does the chicken say?
  3. What language do you speak in the bathroom?
  4. QUICK! choose one! you have 3 seconds!
  5. Snzg kx hljf yzud?
  6. Did you think the last question was hard?
  7. True or false- the president is stupid.
  8. Cake, anyone?
  9. Sup dawg?
  10. The quiz is now over.

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