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Movies are a form of life. They pick you up and take you on a journey. This is a random quiz about some of my favorites. Enjoy! Thank you for taking my quiz!

Will you score amazingly high? Take this quiz and see how much you really know about random movies. Thanks for taking my quiz! Good luck everybody! Begin...... Now!

Created by: Britt518

  1. In which movie did Barbara Stanwyck play a lesbian?
  2. In which movie did Kathy Bates play a talk show host?
  3. In which movie did Joan Crawford play Lucy Harbin?
  4. In which movie did Bette Davis star as Margo Channing?
  5. In which movie did Shelley Winters get killed by Robert Mitchum?
  6. Why did Vivian Leigh not want to kiss Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind?
  7. Who was the very first Disney princess?
  8. In The Wizard of Oz, what is the woman who plays Glinda the Good Witches real name?
  9. In which Rock Hudson movie did he play the cheif of a tribe?
  10. In which Marilyn Monroe movie did her husband Arthur Miller write the screenplay for?
  11. In which movie does Harold Lloyd hang from a clock face?
  12. What was Joan Crawford's final film called?

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