Which Mean Girl Are You

This quiz is all about my favorite movie of all time, Mean Girls. The movie is about all the cliques and havic about high school. There are three girls in the school who are the most popular.

The quiz has a few of the main characters. I tryed to make the questions relate to the movie. If you dont thinkl the questions relate, I am sorry. Im sure you will be happy with this quiz and you will have fun.

Created by: nicole

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  1. how smart are you
  2. what is your favorite line in thwe movie
  3. what is the color of your hair
  4. what would you rather be for halloween
  5. what would you do for revenge
  6. what clique do you mostly belong in
  7. how do you spend your free time
  8. do you blame people for your doings
  9. are you popular
  10. who do u wnat to be friends with

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Quiz topic: Which Mean Girl am I