The Summer Love Factor

this quiz about a girl who is a teen spy who falls in love with three guys she has to choose which is hard because their all sweet so you are her have fun

lets say i hope you like it ive spent four hours making this so please like it know criticism please i worked hard on this quiz please comment and rate to let me know what i think

Created by: Keke
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  1. you walk to a cafe and accidentaly get knocked into a seat by a waitor she sits down by a boy with brown hair and blue eyes. HE SAYS: hi umm that waitor is hectic YOU SAY: no kidding what agency are you apart HE SAYS: umm CLR and you YOU SAY: TWK so ill be going with the files i need to catch this guy now HE SAYS: here are the files can we grab a bite later you are my best friend YOU SAY: ok i promise ill meet you *he gives you a kiss on the cheek
  2. you walk in the street to find your self getting pushed by this rotten kid you see a good lookin boy blonde hair blue eyes your age you just stare in to his eyes you almost kiss when see a guy watching you HE SAYS: sorry about that my names luke oh heres your files Kacey YOU SAY: how do you know my name HE SAYS: my boss told me about you YOU SAY: oh i have to go HE SAYS: how about we get some coffe we can talk about your mission and the kind of guys your into which i hope is me YOU SAY: ok its a date
  3. its the next day your dressed in what
  4. she was ready for her and Luke's mini date when she was talking to a former spy his name is myles HE SAYS: how about we go look for this criminal YOU SAY: meet me at the statue of liberty at 7:00 bring spy gear myles black silk hair sparkled in the light HE SAYS: bring those lips along YOU SAY: what and run off
  5. you run all the way to see luke outside waiting for you so you put on a smile and walk over to him HE SAYS: you look gorgeous YOU SAY: you look handsome HE SAYS: shall we sit down YOU SAY: certainly you guys hit it off and when he walks you back out on the street you two passionately kiss
  6. after your mini date you walk to lunch with sam you talk to him about..........
  7. at 7:00 you meet myles at the statue liberty as told he brought the spy gear you give myles kiss on the......
  8. you leave the statue to finnd the criminal your agency sent you on a mission to find you almost get caught so you invite....
  9. whoever you invited over came over and HE SAID: good you didnt that would break my heart if you got caught YOU SAY: your so sweet but im a black belt and ive been highly trained HE SAYS: i love you YOU SAY: uh i didnt know. *he grabs your chin and you make out YOU SAY: its getting late i have a busy day catch you tommorow
  10. cliffhanger sorry all make the next one soon did you like the quiz

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