The spongebob test

This quiz as you already know is about Spongebob Squarepants. I picked this subject because i did'nt have anything else to write about.(Good Luck in the quiz).

Are you a genius? Well if you are you might want to take this quiz and see how smart your brain is. This quiz is a great quiz for kids who like spongebob and are a big fan of him.

Created by: cooper

  1. Who is Spongebobs best friend?
  2. In what episode does spongebob rip his pants
  3. In what episode does spongebob's spatula break in half and goes to hospital
  4. Does Squidward like spongebob?
  5. What is the pirates name who looks like a human?
  6. What does Mr krabs like the most?
  7. What colour is spongebob's underpants?
  8. What does spongebob love the most?
  9. Does spongebob have any brothers or sisters?
  10. How many movies are there?
  11. Where does spongebob live?
  12. What type of house does Spongebob live in?

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