The Sorting Hat Quiz

Many people have always wanted to go to Hogwarts. However, before you get to take your seat at the Great Hall, you have to get sorted by the sorting hat first.

Are you Brave like a Gryffindor? Hardworking like a Hufflepuff? Wise like a Ravenclaw? Or Mischievous like a Slytherin? Go and take the Sorting Hat now and see for yourself.

Created by: JoJoJosh

  1. You would want to walk through a path that leads to...
  2. You would want to be known as..
  3. "I would like a/an _____ as a pet."
  4. What is your greatest fear?
  5. What is the greatest human force on earth?
  6. Pick a Diagon Alley Shop.
  7. Pick a broomstick.
  8. What is your wand length?
  9. Which is your favorite class?
  10. Pick an item.

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