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I was motivated to create this quiz because i absolutely love harry potter and all the houses. I have always been curious as to what house I or others would be placed in if they put on the sorting hat and had it decide for them.

Are you a genius? Do you think you have the brain power and the patience to take this test? If you do, then you better get here right now and get started! There is no winning or loosing, there is no good house and no bad house, you are just you and you shall find out where you belong when taking this quiz.

Created by: Marlaina Longbottom

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What YOU are like... Would you say you are...
  2. What place would you prefer?
  3. What are you most excited about what hogwarts shall give you?
  4. What is your ideal career?
  5. What spell do you prefer?
  6. You come to an alley way and you walk down it, after a little while there are four paths in the road, forwards, left, right, and right again, what path would you take?
  7. If a squib, of whom you thought was a muggle, walked up to you and asked you if you were a witch or wizard, would you...
  8. What house do you WANT to be in?
  9. Are you popular at school?
  10. Did you enjoy this test?
  11. Did you think the test ended there? That was pretty obvious to be honest

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