The Sorting Hat

First ask yourself are you part of the guild .::*The Penseive*::. on If you answered yes to that question then continue to take this quiz.

This is the Sorting Hat quiz so you can find out which house you belong to in .::*The Penseive*::.--please answer honestly and don't go back and change your answers to get a certain house. We want this to be as fair as possible.

Created by: xxSmashxx
  1. Do you believe that all people are essentially equal?
  2. Do you read nonfiction for pleasure?
  3. Would you run into a burning building to save a friend?
  4. Do you have a certain charisma that draws or inpires other people?
  5. Do you tend to make impulsive decisions?
  6. Would you lie to cover up something you did?
  7. Would you lie to cover up something a friend did?
  8. Would you falsely admit guilt to yourself to cover up for a friend?
  9. Are you the type who prefers to sit back and observe rather than leap into action?
  10. Do you often stop to consider the feelings of others before doing or saying anything?
  11. Are you the competitive type?
  12. Do you enjoy a good practical joke?
  13. Do you tend to do better on essay exams than on multiple choice or enumeration?
  14. Is there a particular house you are best suited for, in your opinion?

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