The simpson quiz

Do you think you know Simpsons. Then this is the test for you. this test can only be done by true simpson fan's. Stop reading this and do the quiz already

" Are YOU a true SIMPSON FAN" With this quick and easy quiz you can find out how much you really know Simpsons. the best thing about it is it only takes a few seconds

Created by: computer

  1. how many kid's are in the simpson family
  2. what is Mr. Burns Full name
  3. What instroment does Lisa play
  4. Who invents the flaming moe
  5. what does J stand for in Homer J. Simpsons name.
  6. Who created The simpsons
  7. Who does the voice of Bart.
  8. What town is the rival of Springfeild
  9. where do the simpsons addopt santa's little helper
  10. what coloured shirt does bart where

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