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The year is 1960, while flying over the Atlantic ocean, average citizen Jack blacks out and awakens to discover that he is the sole survivor of a plane crash. Amidst the wreckage of his plane Jack spots and swims to a lighthouse and boards a Bathysphere that takes him deep within the ocean and into Rapture. Originally conceived as a utopia where a man would be entitled to all that he made without the interference of "parasites" by idealistic billionaire mogul Andrew Ryan. Rapture has since decayed and festered from the infectious effects of civil war and anarchy, brought about by the very ideals it citizens and it's leader embrace. Aided by a sympathetic smuggler and a rogue geneticist, Jack salvages gene altering chemicals transforming himself into a superhuman, and uses his newfound powe

At the start of the game, Jack (the character controlled by the player) is a passenger on a plane that goes down in the Atlantic Ocean in 1960, after ordered society in Rapture has collapsed. After surfacing...

Created by: james

  1. What Is 5+5?
  2. What Is 3+3?
  3. What Is 10+10?
  4. Were Getting Harder, Are You Ready?
  5. What Does 12+12+12 Equal?
  6. What Does 10+10+10 Equal?
  7. What Is 10X10?
  8. What Is 1x1?
  9. What Is 4x4?
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