The Rumble Quiz

There are a lot of people who trash talk about the Rumble, but few have the knowledge or experience of the Rumble to backup this talk. How good are you at Rumble history? Find out here.

Do you have what it takes to win the Rumble. We all know to win things you need knowledge. Knowledge is power. Well how good is your knowledge of the Rumble? Find out now.

Created by: Tristan of Rumble 4
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  1. Who is the only person to ever go off the side of the bouncy castle on the Rumble?
  2. Altogether, how many people have taken part in the Rumble to date?
  3. Who are the only two people to walk voluntarily off the Rumble?
  4. If all Rumbles follow the pattern of being on the Sunday before my birthday, what date will Rumble 7 be?
  5. Who had a "was he on or off?" controversy in Rumble 3?
  6. Who has adopted the persona "The Bristol Express" for Rumble 4?
  7. Which Rumbling legend famously quoted the line "You shall not pass" from the Lord Of The Rings in Rumble 1?
  8. Which two Rumble contestants are said to be totally equal?
  9. Which of these is a recognised elimination method on the rumble?
  10. Which is the only Rumble to be won by the move in the previous question?
  11. Who were the 4 people present at Rumble 2 not to take part?
  12. Which of the below will never be able to take part in the Rumble because of their injured knee?
  13. Which proposed Rumble 4 contestant has called us all "skimps" and said she will " be at the front"?
  14. Which two rumble contestants have defied medical recommendation to take part in the rumble?
  15. How many Rumble titles have been won altogether?

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