The Resident Evil Quiz

This is about to test how smart you are. Are you smart enough to use common sense... Or math problems... Because neither will help you in my mind *chokes*

Can you do it because I'm very tired and hungry so please finish...*microwave beeps* oh... My uh popcorn is done. I hope it ain't burnt, humph it is oh well?

Created by: Justinwantsagf
  1. What game does Leon star in?
  2. Who does Rebecca team up with in Resident Evil 0???
  3. Does Ada Wong Die in Resident evil 2??
  4. Did you like the quiz?
  5. What is the sequence of Games??
  6. Who is the boss in Res 3?
  7. Can you run and shoot in the first 5 games??
  8. Can you carry unlimited ammo??
  9. How do you beat the tyrant in res evil code veronica?
  10. Will you rate?

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