The Reason Why I Left You Part 9

So I read the comments in part 8 and it made me think that ok..I will cause everybody loves my work and nobody whants me yto stop so here I am!!!!! I'm srry about part 8!!!!

So why are you reading this hunh? Your supposed to read down there! Stop reading this!!!! Stop now. Now. Now. Now. When I say stop I mean stop!!!!! Your wasting presios time!!!! Ok read now!!!!

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. The door beaks down and the police come running in. "We have a report of you young adults harrasing Mr. Austin and his group of friends. You will all be arrested and be taking to the state prison for 3 weeks." Says one of the ugly popos. The police grab all the of you in handcuffs and puts you in a car. You ride with Sean. Micheals by himself and Ariel and Lazaro ride together. "Happy birthday babe....sorry this is your worst birthday ever." Says Sean. "My birthday is great because your with me." You say and you smile at him and you smile back. The car starts leaving the driveway and your on your way to the state prison.
  2. When you get to the prison,you walk past the death row(of you don't know what death row is google) and you see a bunch of scary men pull there hands out to touch you. They make creepy sounds and some whistle. You get scared so you go close to Sean. "Alright you guys you have one fhonecall." Says the police dude. Lazaros first. "Hey Hulio, uhhh well we need you to uh call you know who. Austin put us in jail and we need you guys to come get us. K thanks." "Times up" lazaro walks away. Its your turn. Who do you call?
  3. You one. "I don't have knowone to call." You say to the dude. "Ok move along. Its Ariels turn. "Hey Derek(that's the blood leaders name) uh I need you to come bail me,lazaro,(your name),micheal,and a newbee sean. Oh hulio already called you? Ok your on your way bye." "Times up" ariel just got us free. Sean and Micheal both say that they have noone to call. You all sit on the bench waiting for derek to come. You look over at Sean and you smile. He smiles back.
  4. 20 minutes later, 2 guys come where the phones are. They are sooooo hot!!! Hotter than Sean!!!!!!! The first guy is tall with tan skin,brown eyes,black hair and looks very strong. The second guy is a little bit shoulder then the first guy with blonde skater boy hair, hazel eyes, has a lip piercing(not the scary kind the hot kind) and keps staring at you. They both look in their 19s. One year older than you.
  5. Guy numer two comes up to you while guy number one takes a fhone call. "Hey cutie what's you name." You can't help but blush. Its a good thing Sean went to the bathroom. You stand up. "I'm (your name). You?" "Well I'm Damian cuutie. What did you do? I jumped someone." "Ha that's weird cause I also jumped someone too!" He smiles. "Hey Damian your turn man." Says guy numer one. Damian left and guy number one comes.
  6. "Helllooo there!!!! I'm james! You?" "I'm (your name). Nice to meet you!" You say. He smiles and he talks about why he did this and that and of couse here comes Sean. He now notices James is flirting with you and of couse Sean has to use you. "Hey babe." He says and he starts to make out with you and you stop. You look over and Damian and James are gone:(
  7. You sit down and derek comes. He gets you all out and you all deside to attack the crips. You all got the plan. You notice something, damian said he jumped someone.... could he be a crip?
  8. That's it for part 9!!!!!!! I wanna thank Aria and pple that told me to not wrry!!!!! U gave me confidence to make part 9!
  9. Rate? Comment?
  10. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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