The Reason Why I Left You Part 6

So this is part 7 I read what angelic4 said and she thinks that someones gonna propose either sean or micheal. what do you think? Do you think someones gonna propose?

Hey everyone Merry Christmas Or happy honaka or what ever you celebrate:) I hope you have a good holiday make sure you uh idk. Be safe kids! Jk jk inside joke

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. You go to the bedroom and close the door. You look around the room and notice something, you didn't bring any clothes. No one did....
  2. You look around the room and you see a little a back box that can fit in your palm. You grab it and you open it. In it is a ring. You now remember today he said people can can get married. You don't think.....nooo. it can't be. Can it?
  3. Someone knocks on the door and you throw the box in the closet. Sean comes in. "Hey you ok ?" He asks. "Hunh what? Oh ya I'm fine. Have you ever thought about marriage?" "Me? Ya I have acculy. Why have you?" "Mhmm kinda. I think we should take our relationship one step farther." "Oh really? Like how?" He asks coming close to you. "I don't know...just a thought." "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" This time he's so close that his hands are around your waist. "Probably." You smile and he starts making out with you. You put you hands around his neck. His hand goes inside your shirt and goes up. He starts to take off your shirt when Micheal comes in. "Guys... wooooow sorry to interup but we gotta go. We got plane tickets. They're on they're way.
  4. You run out and Sean comes out 10 min. later. You all run out and quickly get in the car. Sean gets in the drivers seat and you are on your way to the airport. When you guys get to the airport, you all run to catch a flight to Oregon. Well back acculy. That's where the last desanation is.
  5. You sit down on your seat in between Sean and Micheal. You are back in the V.I.P room. Sean has his arm around you and Micheal just staring at you. You position yourself so your head is on Micheals lap and your feet is on Seans lap. Micheal pets your face and Sean moves his hand up and down your leg. Ariel comes and shows you a magazine cover with Austins face on the cover. It says that he is wanted for robbing and vandalism.........its time to face Austin face to face. Even if it means death.
  6. When you get off the plane, you start to run and everyones chasing after you. Your running cause you see a crip guy. You keep running and you tackle the guy. You start beating him up and Lazaro grabs you. It was the same guy that shot you. You turn around and you cry on Lazaros shoulder. He says everythings gonna be alright but he knows its not.
  7. You walk off still teery eye. You walk faster and faster. You just keep walking. You hear footsteps behind you and you turn around and punch whoever it was. Luckily it was Sean and you punched him in the chest."oww what was that for?" He asks. "Oh babe I'm so sorry I thought you were...never mind." You say. He hugs you. You walk out hand and hand to a nearest motel. you guys sit on the bench and wait for the rest to come. You see Micheal running twords you guys and all of a sudden.......
  8. He trips on a rock and he falls on the road. A huge truck is coming and you scream. He quickly gets up and he runs to you. You stand up and you hug him. You look up and you pull him down. You start making out with him and Sean does a noice. You look across the street and you see Austin
  9. That's it for part 6!!!!!!! Part 7s coming!!!!! Srry if its so short
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