The Reason Why I Left You Part 5

So this is part 5. Its really just all of you guys hanging out at the motel. IDK if I should move you guys. Let me know if I should move you guys to another state and which one!!!!!

So today is christmas eve!!!!!! Have you been good or bad? I've been bad. Santas not comming:( lol jk. But I have acculy been bad. Oh by the way,you guys are in the summer.

Created by: tiggerluvsya3315

  1. Lazaro comes in the living room with scrambled eggs,waffles,and sasages. He gives you your plate and you quickly eat your food. "Wow slow down babe!" Says Sean. You look at him and you smile. You look over at Micheal and he's laughing cause your face is coverd in syrup. "Are you gonna eat that?" You ask Sean. "Ya eat it babe. I won't eat 'till your full or your done." He says.
  2. After everyone finishes,Lazaro,Ariel,and Micheal go to the nearest store to get food. Sean stays with you:) "So." You say. "So guess what tomarrow is" "What?" You ask. "Your birthday! Your turning 18!! You now won't be the youngest anymore!" "Oh wow already? That means that its the end of the school year right?" "Ya we left a week before school ended." "Wow. So since I started kindegarten early that must means we finished high school?" "Yep. That means people can get married." He says. You smile. You cuddle against him and you start tracing his abs again. That's when you notice something. He has a mark on his rib cage. You look up at him and you notice he has cut marks on his face and chest. What happend when I was asleep? You ask yourself.
  3. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Asks Sean. "No but are you hurt?" You ask. "(Your name) when you were in acome,we were fighting and a guy came up to me and stabbed me. I was ok for awhile until he stabbed me again in the chest. But don't worry in ok now." He says. You look up at him and he kisses you. You kiss him. Soon his arm goes down to you legs and back up. Your still making out and he stops. "I can't do this. Where you got shot it still has to rest. I'm sorry." He says. You look at him and you pout. You guys are still sitting on the bed when he grabs you and he puts you on his lap. You start moving your butt in a circle rotacion and he grips harder on your waist. He sets you back on the bed and hold his hand. You look up at him and he smiles. You go on your knees and you kiss him.
  4. They come back from the store. You look at Micheal and you stare at him. He has a blck eye. You look at Lazaro and you notice he's limping. You look at Ariel and she bleedingon the lip and the nose. They have no groceries. "We've been attacked. Tomarrow they wanna fight. We need you Sean. (Your name) is coming." "I will but she's not fighting." "Come on Sean she's not your little sister. She's a soon to be 18 year old that can make her own desicion!!!" You wanna go Micheal? Hunh? I can take you down again!!!!!!!!!!!!" "SHUT UP U 2 JUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH BUT GOSH JUST SHUP UP!!!!!!!!!!!" You get off the bed, go to the bedroom and slam the door as hard as you can. You onto the bed and you start crying.
  5. About an hour later, you come out. Everyones there but Lazaro. "Where's Lazaro?" You ask. "He went to the store to get some stuff." Said Ariel. You look at Micheal and Sean and they have their head down. This time their standing. You go over to Sean and he looks at you. You go on you tipi toes and he bends down and kisses you. You go over to Micheal and he moves your hair out of your face and bends down and kisses you.
  6. You feel gross so you go and take a take a shower and you get dressed. You pick...........
  7. You step out and Sean and Micheals jaws jropped. "Y-y-y-ou-you look beautiful" said Sean. "Amazing" said Micheal "cute" said Sean "preety" said Micheal. "SEXY" they say together. "Thanks" you say
  8. You sit down and Sean and Micheal sit on each side of you. Sean gives a glare at Micheal. Micheal glares back. Sean taps you on the shoulder and you look at him. He starts making out with you. You follow along. You stop and you smile at him. He smiles back and he licks his lips. You look over at Micheal and he's staring at the T.V. Ariel comes over at tells Micheal to come sit with him and Lazaro. He agrees. He gives you a kiss on the cheek. He looks at you one last time and he goes over to where Ariel and Lazaro is sitting. You say to Sean. "Are you using me to make Micheal jelous? Like really. You guys were best friends. Come on. I love you guys. All of you. Ariel,Lazaro,you,and Micheal. Its just not you to be like this. I thought you cared about me and if you did, you would stop this nonsence." You go to where Micheal is and you start making out with him. You stop and you tell Sean "you see now how it feels?" Sean stands up and goes to you guys. He says "ya I see. I'm really sorry babe please don't be mad at me. I love you too and just..never mind. Micheal man. The girls right. I'm really sorry. Please acept my apoligy." "Ya I forgive you and I won't tough (your name) unless you say its ok. I will only hug her. Now if she kisses me or grabs my hand, it was all her and I'm sorry but I will do back whatever she does." "Its fine ill let you hold her hand and hug her. But she just has to kiss you first. Deal?" "Deal" you smile and jump on Sean. Your face to face for the first time and you notice his eyes are blue.there's brown around the pupil. Its cute. You jump off and hug Micheal. You kiss him and he twils you. You think, can this day get any better? Well it will.
  9. That's it for part 5!!!!!! Hoped you liked it:)
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