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  • Okay. I'll provide feedback, specifically on the answers.

    Q2. The supermarket? A place with giant glass windows out the front. Which would usually be large enough that someone or thing could get in without you noticing. Surely your own house would be better. move essentials upstairs and destroy the stairs.

    Q11. A fridge and couch? the most this might hold back would be three Zeds. Why not wooden boards combined with sandbags?

    Q12. SUV? This is a big mistake. Where would you get fuel? Where would you get spare parts, who would fix it. If you did keep it maintained then where would you drive it? The roads would breakup and cars would be blocking the roads. Off road you could hit anything. Also, they're loud. Alerting all Zeds in the area. Aa bicycle would be best as they are easily maintained, easily carried over rough terrain, dont require fuel and are pretty quiet.

    14. Shoot at the door? And accomplish what? flesh wounds and wasting ammo. wait and take your time.

    15. Neither? The question implies that you need to travel. Travel during the day, humans are diurnal and as such see alot better in sunlight. Use this as an advantage.

    17 and onwards....... Wha? What are you using as a source? please dont tell me its the dawn of the dead remake.

    Sorry for the rant like nature. but needed to present all this concisely. And dont take this to harshly

  • hi i made this quiz plz try out my other one i hope you like it better scince not many people liked this one i hope you like the other oh and plz leave a comment about how i could make it better thanks and bye!

  • Hardest of quizes, 43%. DAMN, I'll be a good dinner for them or one of them perharps...

  • the quiz made me tyried

  • 43%...nd wats wrong wit the SUV again?


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