The Random Quiz 2! (:

I see a little birdie. Her name is Lu Lu Lu Lu. (xD) And she got her name from a little 9 or 10 year old boy that has blonde hair and is funny. (continue---)

But Lu Lu Lu Lu barely says any curse words. She mostly says 'Gosh' or other stuff stuff. xP The f---ing end. (: Uhhh I have to go and do stuff stuff...

Created by: Shiny_Starr

  1. So, in this quiz I'll just put in random words kay?
  2. Tacos
  3. Kit Kats
  4. Giraffes
  5. SP (:
  6. Butters xD
  7. Candaaaay xD
  8. Lu lu lu lu XD
  9. Song time! :D
  10. You guys are my best friends! Lu lu lu! xD We always been together! Having fun all day, clowning around and laughing all day! WHAT BEST FRIENDS ARE WE! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I bet I didn't get half of that right. xD

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