my very random quiz

The reason I am writing a quiz is because I have been going on go to quiz for a while now and I have always wanted to do one with random questions so enjoy

So pretty much all these questions are random with no meaning so I hope you enjoy it and I think I will make more so here we are my very random quiz

Created by: black skate

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  1. What am I thinking of?
  2. you see a man who is turning into a zombie what do you do?
  3. if a train is travelling at 200 miles and hour and picks up five people and the first stop, six people at the second and then half the population of china, what day is it?
  5. I like to singa about the muna and the tuna and the?
  6. is it possible to win this quiz?
  7. I am a cop and you will respect my authortah
  8. will the world end in 2012?
  9. Oh no ninja cat behind you what do you do?
  10. final question
  11. bye

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