You ever wonder how random you are, or are you just a boring, normal-a** kid? This quiz is short, as a true random quiz would have 100 random questions to test your random-smarts.

Eventually you will find out how random you are. This is just a short sneak-preview of your true, random-self. Choose wisely, have fun, be happy, don't cheat (not that you could) and good luck.

Created by: Brit and Syd
  1. If you have zippers on your pants, do you:
  2. Do you ever find yourself "thinking out loud" (talking to yourself)?
  3. When somebody asks a question, what's the first thing you say?
  4. What do you say when you answer your phone?
  5. How many times do you change the subject daily?
  6. If you were bald, would you wash your head with:
  7. If you were a piece of paper, what would it be?
  8. People often refer to you as (be honest):
  9. What shape is your head?
  10. OK pick:
  11. If you were an astronaut and could go to any planet, what planet would you go to?
  12. Is thirteen a bad # to end this quiz on?
  13. Pick one:
  14. If you were a fruit, what would it be?

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