The Best Ever Random Quiz

Well, what can I say? To do this quiz, you must have mastered randomism, and have experience with random questions before. If you haven't, you are probably at the wrong quiz mate. But stick around, give it a shot and have fun.

That is the main reason of this quiz really. F-U-N, fun. So do have fun, but try your hardest and you will reap the benefits of being the random quiz champion. And you could even receive a medal through the post, you never know. ;)

Created by: Sam Potter
  1. Starting easy. What is 34 x 3?
  2. How many times have Liverpool won the Champions League?
  3. What Simpsons characters favourite phrase is "Excellent"?
  4. Who sang the famous song 'Beat It' before Fall Out Boy sang it?
  5. The Top Gear presenters are: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and...
  6. On the XBox360, in the game 'Fifa 09' how do you shoot?
  7. In the Ten Commandments, what is the seventh?
  8. Complete this famous website: My...
  9. In 'Family Guy' who plays the voices of: Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Glen Quagmire and Tom Tucker?
  10. What is the correct spelling of this word?
  11. If you mix yellow and red paint, what colour would you get?
  12. Which one of these is not a rollercoaster at Alton Towers?
  13. What famous singer/band sang Redemption Song?
  14. Lewis Hamilton has gone down in F1 record books for which of these things?
  15. Who won the first ever World Cup (Football)?

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