The Random quiz of Random.

Hey I'm Random, are you? This quiz is full of dumb questions and stupid results! This is not really all that fun! Or is it? Do you like purple? I do. How 'bout pizza? AHhH! diapers!!!!

Hey are you gonna take this quiz or what? I know its boring but please bear with me. It might not be even boring. Could be fun. I don't know. Why don't you take it???? Maybe find out. Go to the mall. now.

Created by: Lillie
  1. This Kid asks you to make him a quesadilla, you:
  2. You have an acne problem. You:
  3. Your cousin invites you to go garbage swimming/diving. You:
  4. What's your favorite band?
  5. Umm....Favorite color?
  6. What's your name?
  7. Is this quiz fun?
  8. Do You like Naruto?
  9. Your Fave channel (tv)?
  10. What do you think about on a daily basis?

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