the quote quiz (games/movies)

15 quotes from some pretty good shows/games. can you remember where they're from or guess who said them? only one way to find out! take this quiz and find out if your a screen nerd.

hopefully you actually recognize these quotes, if you don't then you are some kind of freak with no life, and if you do have a life then it sucks like crap.

Created by: LimyMage918
  1. think they'll have that on the tour?
  2. when i was in the core we didnt have no fancy smancy tanks, we had sticks! two sticks and a rock, and we all and to share the rock! buck up boy, your one very lucky marine.
  3. hey! listen!
  4. but hey that's just a theory, a game theory! thanks for watching
  5. only god can help you now
  6. hey moron this sentence is false
  7. oh mighty google, we have come for waffles
  8. one single flood spore and destroy a species
  9. we're gonna need a bigger boat
  10. any objections lady?
  11. i love it when a plan comes together
  12. what are you laughing at fuzzball?
  13. press rb to... wait what?! how did you do that? 1v1 me
  14. it's a giant mushroom! maybe it's friendly! giant mushroom, giant mushy friend!
  15. don't be a hero kid, this is what happens to heroes in my world!

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