The quiz of random.

Lets face it, random people are fun. Random things are fun. Random places are fun. Random names are fun. Random, is fun. That is all there is to it. So, I made this quiz, and a few others before it to help you gage you randomness. RANDOM!

If you think you are a random person, then prove it, answer these questions truthfully, and you will finally know, definitively, how random you, and your life is. Really, random id fun, so even if you don't take my random quizes, still try to be rasndom.

Created by: The Evil Angel

  1. Random questions:
  2. Random people:
  3. Random things:
  4. Random pictures:
  5. Random shows:
  6. You are:
  7. This quiz is:
  8. Your mom:
  9. Random
  10. !?!

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