The most random quiz.

I got bored, and I have made it a theme of mine to be a very random person, so now Im helping you rate how random you are. Aint it great!? You're welcome everybody! Random people are great, and everyone knows it!

Im a random person who likes random people, remember, everyone likes a random person, but they do tend to get anoying after a while, for those of you who score highly, watch your self!

Created by: The Evil Angel

  1. Allo, was up mah buday? Is ya good?
  2. Im gona be havin two new quizes posted on 12/21/12, both to potentialy help you during the end of the world.
  3. Is you gona take mah other quizes to? Later maby baby!
  4. WAS UP DAWG?!?
  5. OGABOGABOGA! Scared yet?
  6. Im out of questions for now, I will finish later.
  7. Ok, Im back to try and think of more questions(yes, I know, me leaving then finishing later will have no effect on you.)
  8. RECTUM!
  9. This is the second quiz I'll have started, and finished in just today, also, Im eaten fun dip right now.
  10. Hair
  11. Orange
  12. Nail

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