the quiz for my beauty angel

This quiz is for my angel. he made me a quiz and worked hard on it so tthis is my way of saying thank you to him. plz comment or rate.. hope you do good on this quiz. it was awesome making the quiz plz rate

this quiz is for my angel... He made me a quiz and it was perfect. so i hope you getb80 or higher on it. please rate and/or comment thank you for your service. it wAs nice to make this quiz and i worked relly hard on it so plz comment

Created by: Lexiek

  1. Angel this quiz is for you, if you're not him, go on and take this quiz.
  2. True or false: your fave color is maroon.
  3. Do you temember this :'you and i we are like diamonds in the sky'
  4. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, just how much I love you, please dont take my sunshine away.
  5. You're the best bf ive ever had.
  6. *whispers in your ear:* i'll never let u go not even when the very fabric of spacce tears.
  7. I have to tell you something: i will love you forever and always.
  8. ... you are my _______ _____. (fill in the blanks)
  9. we will be here w/each other til the end of time.
  10. random questions after this last good one... what is my favorite color? okay ill give you a freebie Its all of them.
  11. love spells what backwards?
  12. last question....... whats my fave Pokémon?

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