The Pokemon Quiz

There are lots and lots of Pokemon fans out there. Most are true,blue,down to the core fans. But others not so much. Take my Test to find out how much of a Pokemon fan you are, or mabey if your a fan at all. Anyway please enjoy my Pokemon quiz.

Are you a True Pokemon Fan? Ash wants to know, screw that, the whole Pokemon series wants to know!!! Take my Pokemon quiz to find out. Ash: Hurry up already!!! Misty: Ash wheres my bike!!! Ash:Well Misty....Uh you see. Pikachu:Pika, Pika!!!

Created by: Zankyou315

  1. Who trains Pikachu?
  2. Who was Ash's first pokemon?
  3. Who is Garry?
  4. Does Misty ever get her bike back?
  5. What is the only thing that Pokemon say?
  6. Who is Brock?
  7. What does Pikachu evolve to?
  8. What does Ash do before a battle?
  9. What does he do when he wins?
  10. Last question: Will you rate/Comment?

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