The pointless test

This is sooooo random I don't exactly know why i made this I am surprised you took it. Enjoy the quiz. I think i will just repeat the paragraphs? Btw it is 02:13 in the A.M.....

This is sooooo random I don't really expect anyone to take this quiz. Who likes pizza? Random question hey? Well, Mini Minion is like that! See you guys and enjoy or hate this quiz!

Created by: Mini Minion
  1. What is YouTube
  2. What is my GTQ status
  3. Am i female or male
  4. Which country do i live in
  5. What is pizza
  6. What food category does soda belong in
  7. What is the cupid shuffle
  8. How long is a baby in a woman for
  9. What is goo goo gaa gaa
  10. Did you enjoy my pointless test

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