I must type all these letters? Why? Can I repeat most of them or not? Why one hundred fifty? Why not five? AT the most seventy. Mighty my what a confusing world we live in.

Anyway- this test is about what you would do well at as an equestrian. sooooo yah. Now im jst typing. #$%^$3466$46743%43^#%568. I luv horses. My next quiz shoould be "what icon are u? ! @ # or ~?" hahaha.

Created by: olive

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  1. You are patient. Your are quiet. But mostly- You are clever!
  2. You are daring- you sit your seat and you sit it well. You are in the forward position, and you mind races. You like to try and show your skills when you get a chance- and learn from your mistakes.
  3. You are silent as you tell your horse to be supple and straight. You are taking your time- and making each stride of a hoof count.You follow direction easily and pay attention at all times.
  4. The bell blares and gates open. You round your target with great speed and agility. Another target arives quickly and you have a fast mind. One more target and you take off for home at a surprisingly fast rising speed. you are very strong and take great pride in it.
  5. you are trotting down a long trail. You have been riding for six miles when your feet ache. You still pull on- and your six other teamates,including horses. You have a feeling that you need too- and so you increase you speed. You have determantion and lots to go around!
  6. You have time on your hands- or at least a couple of days while you find results. You hoold you chin high- and when time is running out- you dont fall ub=nder pressure but you learn too work with it. And work well with it you do. You do well when pressurized.
  7. You seem to be well when certain problems create a sudden and drastic change in plans.
  8. You learn from your mistakes.
  9. Last q- what did you think of this quiz? -no effect
  10. okay- so i lied last q! does that make me a liar? again- no effect on score.
  11. Do you think riding is a sport? MUST ANSWER!

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