The perfect one

Everyone says i am controling in a relationship which im not. I just expect alot. I have high expectations. In those expectations I expect u 2 know what i want.

SO with that said by this time u should know what i want/need. Are you it? Thanks for taking this quiz in a few minutes u will find out what I consider perfect.

Created by: Raven

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  1. If there were clothes on mii bed what would U do
  2. If u heard i was cheating how would u handle it
  3. If I left u and came back how would u react
  4. If mii house was dirty and I asked u to clean what would you do
  5. If I was real flirtatious with other people what would u do
  6. Whats mii type
  7. How well do u kno me How do I express my love?
  8. If I was sick what would u do
  9. If I asked u who came 1st me or ur family what would u saii
  10. If I told u I was hungrey what would I expect u to do

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