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  • Too many sports questions and no music ones. Texas is known for the best musicians (and the worst politicians) in the history of Western civilization. Doug Sahm, Roky Erickson, Roy Orbison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Freddy Fender, etc., etc., etc.... [no urls]:Musicians_fro m_Texas

    stelz Oct 15 '13, 10:47PM
  • AWESOME QUIZ! Thanx.

    PuffBall Mar 15 '13, 3:14PM
  • My city didn't get mentioned, Killeen, Texas. I love Texas. & Jomama u r such a selfish jerk. Texas should not be 'Lake Texas' & YOU need 2 DROWN in a lake!!!

    IcyDesignns Mar 12 '12, 1:37AM
  • 43%? Oh great that means I've lived here to long......I will never get used to this state!!! 8D

    xxTHE DOCTORxx Jan 16 '10, 3:22PM
  • 30%? Texas history? I don't think they taught that in Wisconsin.

    dumbyankee Feb 10 '09, 6:31AM
  • mad props on mentioning my home town in your quiz and home of the largest MAN MADE lake in texas. L-TOWN REPRESENT!!!!!!!!!! !

    mrlivingston Feb 9 '09, 5:29PM
  • Jomama- I would like to know where you're from too.
    we are not retards. we don't have much of an accent but atleast we don't say hey you guys do you want some pop? I mean sure we say howdy and ya'll. but um ok. yes, texas is the largest state in the continental states. excluding alaska and hawaii. why should texas be a lake?

    you need to drown in a lake.

    hahahahahah Jun 30 '08, 11:54PM
  • This is for Jomama, I too, would like to know where you come from. Just because Texans are extremely proud of their state doesn't mean at all they feel superior to anyone else. If you don't like the accent than you are very prejudice, and maybe you have an accent that is different in Texas. Texas is the biggest state within the continental area, and of course, only 2nd to Alaska. I pray that you will be a more tolerant individual and accept cultural differences within the US, which makes all very unique.

    CoKo Jun 18 '08, 7:31PM
  • Also:

    Houston became the FIRST REGULARLY ELECTED president of the Republic of Texas, defeating Stephen F. Austin. His first term lasted from October 22, 1836, to December 10, 1838.

    Burnet was against independence for Texas in 1835, although he deplored the tendency of the national government toward a dictatorship. Therefore, his more radical neighbors did not choose him as a delegate to either the Consultation or the Convention of 1836. Nevertheless, he attended the session on March 10, where he successfully gained clemency for a client sentenced to hang. The delegates, who were opposed to electing one of their number President of the new republic, elected Burnet by a majority of seven votes.

    Burnet ad interim presidency of the Republic of Texas lasted from March 17 to October 22, 1836, and was very difficult. His actions angered Sam Houston, the army, the vice president, many cabinet members, and the public, and he left office embittered.

    TexasHistory Jun 17 '08, 7:21PM
  • The first World's Fair in Texas was technically held in Dallas in 1936. Fair Park is considered a national landmark because of it (mainly because of all the Art Deco). Granted, the 36 fair was also celebrating the Texas Centennial, which means it is often overlooked and considered to be a State Fair (despite the international appeal, exhibitions, etc).

    And the plaza where JFK was shot is spelled D-E-A-L-E-Y, not "Dealy".

    There are a lot historical problems and inaccuracies with this quiz. But I only work for a Texas History Museum, so what do I know, right? :P

    TexasHistory Jun 17 '08, 7:07PM
  • Jomama, I don't know where you're from but all the people I know that come to Texas from other states say that the people in Texas are the friendliest people of any they have met. You should visit Texas and see for yourself. We DO NOT think we're "better than anyone else" and we are not "retards." Where did you get that chip on your shoulder???

    Josie Jun 2 '08, 7:58PM
  • This is for Jomama. When I used to venture into THE OUTBACK (the rest of ya'll) people would ask me if it was true that Texans looked down on other people? I would reply,that no, we didn't look down on people,but we sure as the devil never looked up to anyone,either.

    teakettle May 26 '08, 11:18AM
  • #28 is incorrect, although Texas was admitted to the Union under the Polk administration, the Tyler administration is the one that annexed it, the annexation was announced on March 3, 1845, Tyler left office on March 4, 1845. Good quiz though

    graybell1962 May 17 '08, 2:16PM
  • That was the longest, gayest quiz of them all. My opinoin: turn texas into a lake. Lake Texas. Nothing good comes from Texas and people who come from them think they are better than everyone else. I knew two people from TX. They both said that TX was the best state...they also both said that TX was the biggest state in the US. Retards. I hate them. And the accent sucks, too.

    Jomama May 1 '08, 8:39PM
  • I'm an old geezer and have lived in various cities in Texas all my life so I thought I knew a lot about Texas but only scored 43%. I was disappointed that I didn't get to see which ones I answered wrong. It would be nice to know. However, it was fun but it also bothers me that some questions aren't clear enough, i.e., the fresh water lakes being ALL in Texas or just BORDERING Texas and the INTERIM president or FIRST President of Texas. Oh, well, there will always be controversy. Thanks!

    10sguy Apr 19 '08, 9:09PM
  • I believe that you will find that El Paso has in excess of 800,000 people.

    billieboy Apr 16 '08, 12:27AM
  • Q. 18 is incorrect. The Red River is not IN Texas; It borders Texas.

    fretavill Apr 10 '08, 12:29AM
  • This quiz sucks.. it's too hard!!

    Tomaniac2 Apr 4 '08, 6:03PM
  • Texas IS the center of the universe and all students from the 1st grade on up should have something each year about the Great State!

    Txlover Apr 3 '08, 6:51PM
  • Spicewood is one word and yes, I have seen folks hunt for bass there.... Caddo Lake would be the largest and only natural fresh body of water in the state. (another good trivia question)

    tartera Mar 24 '08, 12:16AM
  • The answer to question 18 is incorrect. The Red River is not the second longest river in Texas. The border between Texas and Oklahoma is the South bank of the river, terefore, that portion of the Red River between the two states lies in Oklahoma, not Texas.

    Ex Land Agent

    Weldon Mar 6 '08, 9:48AM
  • I will say that tonight I went to several different web sites & one did say that David Burnet was an Interim President but all the others listed him as the first & gave the years & listed Sam Houston as the second & gave the years. I guess we are all victims of the "so called" experts' opinions on history.

    cdwreed Mar 6 '08, 1:57AM

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