The Nascar Quiz

NASCAR is a huge sport in fact the biggest spectator sport in America! What is NASCAR? NASCAR is a racing sport that uses stock cars. There are a few different series but you should know that.

Are you a true NASCAR fan?! Do you know every thing about NASCAR from the drivers to the tracks to the sponsors to the numbers? See if you are in this quiz!

Created by: Colin
  1. Who won the 2011 Sprint Cup championship?
  2. Who drove the 99 car in 2007?
  3. (It gets harder!) Who finished 3rd in the 2011 Ford 400?
  4. Who was the ROY (Rookie of the year) in 2008?
  5. Who flipped at Dover in 2009?
  6. Who had Target as thier main sponsor in 2010
  7. Who is the youngest to win at the Daytona 500?
  8. Who won 200 races in his career?(This is super easy)
  9. Who had Jim Bean as thee main sponsor in 2007?
  10. Who had Youtube as thier main sponsor in 2011?
  11. BONUS QUESTION. THIS IS NOT NASCAR RELATED. Who is the creator of Microsoft?

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