The most stupid and random quiz ever

Are u bored? So am I. So here are some random and useles questions to entertain you. See if u can get them right. I promise u I’m not this stupid in real life.


Created by: SassySlytherinxx
  1. Chsocuhifghcnxaikdcjhui8rewhfceuias
  2. Never have i ever
  3. Do NOT click no!!!!!!
  4. How much hair do i have on my head?
  5. Finish this sentence: “Cockadoodle doo the cow said moo —are stupid and smell like poo”
  6. Click the correct awnser
  7. Why is my enemy so stupid?
  8. Number between 1-100
  9. I like dollar store and Gucci
  10. Happy birthday to me I’m 103 I still go to preschool and I ..........

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