The most random quiz ever!

ok. listen to this.. its awesome.. its about a little kid. that took a quiz called the Most random quiz ever... he died! so please. do yourself a favor. and just walk away from the computer.. and watch some good old brain washing tv.. thank you..

blah blah blah. didnt we already do this.. man. this is boring. who is taking this quiz anyway.. man. i cant stand this.. my head hurts.. and stone sour isnt helping... but i wouldnt turn it off. i love that band..

Created by: bill
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your opinion on pie?
  2. Have you ever slipped and fell on ice?
  3. ......?
  4. ....!
  5. In the winter?
  6. why a banana.. cant it be a grape?
  7. man holding a skull.. and hes crying.. and laughing.. and eating a ham.. no. make that a turkey sandwich...
  8. blah blah blah???
  9. Ok.. or okay?
  10. what do you think will....
  11. This quiz was...?

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