The Mortal instruments

There are many amazing defenders of our world.But only so many shadow hunters! Defend your home and test your knowledge on the amazing Mortal Instruments!

Are you a shadow hunter? Find out and take this quiz! Learn what you don't know and test what you do know! All of us thank you for defending us! Go Mortal Instruments!

Created by: Rosie

  1. Who does Clary see first in Pandemonium?
  2. Who kidnapped Clary's mom?
  3. Who is Clary's best friend?
  4. What is the mortal cup?
  5. Who wrote the mortal instruments?
  6. What is Clary's mother's name?
  7. Where does Clary live?
  8. Who does Alec like in the first book?
  9. How many books are in the series?
  10. Why did Valentine kidnap Clary's mother?

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