the monkey village quiz (BTD 5)

Have you ever played bloons tower defense 5?? If so do you know what a monkey village!! A monkey village is a very important tower in the game with extreme and awesome power!! It is amazing!!

This quiz will show if you are worthy of the monkey villages!! If you have the power to use and control them!! But it won't be easy!! The monkey villages want to prove that you are the right person for them!! So good luck because you are going to need it!!

Created by: whovian1

  1. OK. First off what is a monkey village??
  2. you can get a monkey village from the very first round of bloons tower defense 5
  3. what is the most expensive tower in BTD 5??
  4. how many towers are there in the game that do not attack bloons?
  5. how many towers are there in Bloons Tower Defense 5 (mobile)?
  6. what is one of the elements the apprentice magician can learn?
  7. what is the hardest and biggest bloon?
  8. what is the super monkey's most powerful upgrade?
  9. The glue gunner can not pop bloons??
  10. the ninja monkey can automatically detect what??
  11. the dart monkeys can throw three darts at once.
  12. all towers can detect camo bloons with either upgrades or just from the start.
  13. How many layers of bloons can a sniper monkey pop without upgrades?
  14. what is a camo bloon?
  15. where can the monkey buccaneer only be placed??
  16. which stage is an intermediate stage?
  17. What is the dart monkey's special ability?
  18. How many more towers are there in BTD 5 Mobile then BTD 5 on the computer?
  19. what does an ice tower do??
  20. How many towers (with upgrades) can pop frozen blooms in total??
  21. Last question: How awesome are monkey villages?? (does not count towards your final score)

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