Which Naruto Village are you from??

There are many hidden shinobi villages in the Naruto world. There are the Sand, Leaf, Sound, Mist, Clouds, Stones, Rain, and Grass. Sorry, but this does not include the Waterfall Village or the Land of snow. The different villages have different jutsu types, so depending on which village you get, you may be good at water style jutsu if you get in the Mist village and stuff like that.

Which Hidden Shinobi village are you from?? You could be from the Leaf Village like Naruto and Itachi, the Mist Village like Zabuza and Kisame, the Sound village like Orochimaru and Kinuta Dosu, the Sand Village like Gaara and Temari, the Rain village like Konan and Pein, or many others. Find out and TAKE THE QUIZ!!!

Created by: Deidara
  1. What is your favorite color???
  2. What is your favorite element??
  3. Who's you favorite character??
  4. What's your favorite animal??
  5. Do you like the Akatsuki??
  6. Who's your favorite Akatsuki???
  7. Who's your favorite Sannin??
  8. Who is your village's leader??
  9. What is your favorite jutsu type??
  10. Last Question!!

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Quiz topic: Which Naruto Village am I from??