The minecraft test

Are you a minecraft smart?????? Idk well just do this quiz and you might do the best cool right? I know so yea of coruse a minecraft Genuis's? Idk if you are

Jinx the bad ones blahblahblah anyways just make it a good stuff :D anyways... I don't have many words to say so yes I said that ok zone weekend? I give up bye.

Created by: Alexander

  1. (Question 1) is minecraft blocky?
  2. (Question 2) do you know how too talk in minecraft?
  3. (Question 3) did you make a user?
  4. (Question 4) some things is circled
  5. (Question 5) it's hard to build a hotel in minecraft
  6. (Question 6) there's mods in minecraft
  7. (Question lucky 7) 7 is lucky
  8. (Question 8) am i? boy or girl in minecraft?
  9. (Question 9) Did dantdm play roblox?
  10. (Final question) minecraft!!!

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