How Well Do U Know Minecraft

Below Is A Quiz To Test Your Minecraft Knowledge And Please Comment When Done. There Is Crafting Drops And How To Build Bases If You Want Me To Do Another Please Tell

There's A Lot Of Stuff I Don't Know What To Say So Ignore What's Below .!-(291! Sumwiam86)2!8/!/((!/@hegshiiwhdjnsbhsikauwjsuhsnnsudbdnsuuqkalpqu>|%]>'w

Created by: LuigiFan64
  1. First Of All... Do You Know What Minecraft Is
  2. Do U Like Minecraft
  3. Crafting: How Do You Craft A Bed
  4. How Do U Craft A Cake
  5. How Do U Craft A Compass
  6. Just To Let You Know I Know Most Of These Answers So If I Got One Wrong Tell Me In The Comments. Do You Think I'm Telling The Truth (No Effect)
  7. Are U Bored Yet
  8. Drops: Witch Of These Mobs Drop Redstone (See What I Did There) The Answers Obvious Now
  9. Which Of These Mobs Doesn't Drop Food
  10. Which Of These Drop Poppy's
  11. Bored Now
  12. Final Test, Building Bases: How Wide Would You Do An Average House
  13. How High Would You Do An Average House
  14. How Would You Do The Roof Of A Average, Quickly Made House

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