The Mindless Behavior Quiz

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Do yhu think yhu kno yhur Mindless Behavior well i don't so take this test to find out if yhu are truly mindless but if yhu don't yhur not mindless at all!

I think yhu don't have the guts to take this quiz so prove to me that yhu are and i will try to get mindless behavior to check out the scores so what are yhu waiting for take this quiz!

Created by: Poohbear20139

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's yhur favorite color?
  2. What's yhur favorite food?
  3. What's yhur accessories?
  4. What's yhur favorite wild animal?
  5. Who use to dance before Mindless Behavior?
  6. Who got bullied when they where little until they got home schooled?
  7. Who do yhu think yhu will get?
  8. Are yhu truly mindless?
  9. Will yhu tell yhur friends about this quiz?
  10. Did yhu like my quiz?

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