The Michael Savage Test

Think you know Michael Savage? Well this test will challenge even his biggest fans. Some common and some not so common knowledge of this popular Talk Radio Star.

Michael Savage is a mega Talk Radio star with millions of fans around the nation. He also has become a best selling author on the New York times best sellers list.

Created by: Patrick Doohan
  1. For a short period of time Michael Savage had a TV show on what cable news channel
  2. Savage wrote a book called: Liberalism is a ________ _________.
  3. Savage's last name is really...
  4. Michael Savage often refers to his show and followers as the "Savage _________"
  5. Michael Savage earned a Ph.D. from what University?
  6. Savage's weekly audience has...
  7. Michael Savage is on what radio station in New York city?
  8. Savage normally broadcasts out of what city?
  9. Michael Savage has also written books about....
  10. Michael Savage's official home website (domain name) is...

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