The Maths Test #4

I am back with another "Maths Test" series. This is the fourth of the series. Little harder than previous one, this quiz don't need much mind-work to do.

The questions have two option answers. Only one is correct. This quiz type is of true and false. Take this quiz and find out how much you had remember your maths class!

Created by: Jeeshan of WikiQuiz
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  1. If x = -x, then x = -1
  2. 15y/3 = 5y is not an equation
  3. The root of the equation x/2 = 2 is 1
  4. If x = -2/3, then x - (2x - 1/3) = -x/2
  5. 1/2% of 80 = 40
  6. The centre of the circle doesn't lie on the circle
  7. An angle in a minor segment is an obtuse angle
  8. A diameter of a circle is not a chord of the circle
  9. An angle in a major segment is an obtuse angle
  10. 1000 cubic cm = 1 litre

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