The hardest maths quiz you have ever seen !

There are many people who are good in mathematics but only a few who can claim to be genius at mathematics, it requires both practice and patience and is indeed very useful in getting a job. Failure in this subject can bring devastating results that is why every child to told to learn maths so importantly

So you thing you are a genius at maths ? Do you have the brainpower to qualify for that prestigious title ? Well I am sure this quiz will give you the challenge you are seeking god of maths. If you score above ninety it won't hurt to call yourself brilliant. Now go and show me what you have got. Note: Numbers like 3/4, 5/4 are fractions.

Created by: The god of maths

  1. All right dude/lady let's began Find x if the three angles of a triangle 2x, 3x, and 4x
  2. In a clearance sale, a cloth merchant reduces prices by 15%. If the reduced price of suit is Rs. 1700, find the original price.
  3. The lengths of two rods are in ratio 4:9. The longer length is 72 cm. What is the shorter length ?
  4. What kind of Symmetry does a circle have ?
  5. A square room has a width of 10 m and length of 25 m. The owner wants to put tiles on the room, each tiles is 5 m. How many tiles does the owner needs ?
  6. How many lines of symmetry does a circle have ?
  7. The area of a rectangular lawn is the same as the area of an 18 m long square. If the length of the rectangular lawn is 27 m, find its breadth and perimeter.
  8. which rational number's numerator and denominator are (-6)í—(-6), -25 í· 5
  9. A female angerfish is approximately 5/2 inches long , and a male about 2/5 inches long. How much longer in centimeter is the female fish than the male fish ?
  10. A pulse contains 25 paisa coins and 50 paisa coins. The number of 25 paisa coins is thrice the number of 50 paisa coins. If the total money in the purse is 50 Rs, find the number of coins of each type (1 Rs = 100 paisa for foreigners )

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