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Maths is a very important subject. So is English and Science. But this test is about Maths. How good are you at Maths? Find out by taking this test.

This test will test your maths knowledge. The questions will be easy to start of with, and then they will gradually get harder. Good luck and I hope you enjoy.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. (This test will start off easy and get harder.)
  2. Starter: What is 1+1?
  3. What is 3x4?
  4. What is 15x12?
  5. What is 7 squared?
  6. What is 58x23?
  7. The weather is 23 degrees. It increases by 2 degrees. How much is it now?
  8. A coat is for sale ay £5. It increases by 10%. How much is it worth now?
  9. The ratio of boys to girls is 3:1. There are 15 boys. How many girls are there?
  10. Work out what y is when x = 2: 7x+3y=23

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