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Hi! Im Mingo. This is my second quiz on this website. Anyway, I doubt that there are many kindergarteners on this site. I was originally going to name this Math Quiz for Dummies, but what if there are kindergarteners who havent learned this yet, and then they live their whole life believing they are stupid, and its all my fault?

Anyway, I made this quiz so that people can practice their kindergarten math skills while taking one of my quizzes. Its a double win! Sort of. Anyway, find out what you remember from kindergarten with this math quiz!

Created by: Mingo of Mingo on
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  1. What number comes next? 12345678
  2. 1+1=
  3. What is this shape? ⚫
  4. What is this shape? ⬛
  5. Complete the pattern. 🔵🔴⚫⚪🔵🔴⚫⚪🔵🔴⚫⚪🔵🔴⚫⚪🔵
  6. Molly has three cats. She bought two more. How many does she have now?
  7. 1-1=
  8. 2, 4, 6, 8, 6, 4, 2 Whats the pattern?
  9. Brad collects baseball cards. Mark also collects baseball cards. Brad has 6. Mark has 9. If Mark gives Brad 2 baseball cards, will they have the same number of cards?
  10. In the comments, please give me a math problem to solve. Unlike some people out there, I like math.

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