The Love Test: Is It Love?

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Welcome to The Love Test! This isn't like some, you do not put your name in. I made this mostly because people are having trouble dating online, and they don't know what they are doing.

Beginning picture belongs to creator. Others belong to unknown internet users. I don't get paid for anything. This is a request for H0n3y_B33 of Deviant. I don't regret anything.

Created by: Rock_N_Roll24
  1. Does this person ignore you?
  2. Has this person hurt your feelings before?
  3. Do you love this person because you are desperate?
  4. When this person is away, does it hurt?
  5. Do you forgive this person after an argument or a mistake?
  6. Does this person ever say 'I love you'?
  7. Do you hold this person dear?
  8. Are you embarrassed around them?
  9. Are you careful about what you say around this person?
  10. Alright. I will put your answers in. Be prepared, and don't get upset if it isn't true. Remember: there are many other fish out in the sea.

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