Do you like him?

Some people are crushing and dont even know it. Some think there in love but are totally not. This is weree this test comes in to tell if you are love struck or totally about to barf!

Are you in love with a boy or are you just fooling your self? This quiz will tell you exactly if you do love him or if you are being stupid! After this test you'll know so come on and find out!

Created by: logan

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  1. Do you blush when he smiles at you
  2. Do you ever day dream about him
  3. Do you ever do something embarrising in front of him
  4. Have you ever kissed him?
  5. Do you be nice to him?
  6. Does he like you
  7. Do you know his favorite color?
  8. Do you know where he lives
  9. Does everyone think you like him
  10. Do abuse him
  11. Whats Your Age?
  12. How Long Have You Liked Him For?
  13. Whats Your Age?
  14. Have you Ever Kissed Him?

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Quiz topic: Do I like him?