Are You Human Or Not?

Not everyone is human. Not everyone is inhuman. Some of us are stuck in the middle. If you're not totally sure where you are, take this quiz. It'll either help or totally confuse you.

Okay, I'm supposed to write stuff for this but I have no idea what to put. Uh... So... How was your day? I hope it was good, love. You're adorable. Trust me. *hugs*

Created by: Kellin

  1. Do you have skin?
  2. Are you bipedal? (Walk on two legs)
  3. Does the moon affect your appearance?
  4. Were you programmed in a lab?
  5. Do you have hair?
  6. Are your parents human?
  7. Do you have fingers and toes?
  8. Do you think you're human?
  9. You're cute.
  10. Are you excited for the result?

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Quiz topic: Am I Human Or Not?