The Lonely: A Love Story Part 2

Why hi there and welcome to my neck of the woods!:D If you're a guy please exit at this time...;) GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!! If you havent taken part 1 you won't get this one so just look up The Lonely: A Love Story in the search engine or just look at my profile. (It's linked!)

Hope you enjoy this one I worked hard on it. I know, I know, this probably needs to be a little longer but I'm exhausted from school all this week and I have to get up early tomorrow to do a fundraiser for an animal shelter so... Enjoy!:D

Created by: SparklyScarlett

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  1. Your phone suddenly rings and it's your best friend Peyton. With beautifully golden hair and stark blue eyes, he's definately the cat's meow at school. He has this girlfriend you just cannot STAND. Trisha has dark DARK hair and gorgeous green eyes. She's from Jersey whatcha gonna do?:)
  2. "Oh hey Peyton!" You're secretly in love with him, but you're not really his type... (You have red hair like a sunset and amazing hazel eyes. It's absolutely incredible how Peyton doesn't notice you!)
  3. "Hey." It's kinda quiet down on his end. "You alright?" "Yeah, it's just I'm sick today and-" *sneezes one after another* "Won't be able to drive ya to school." *more sneezes* "Oh don't worry about it. Do you want me to come over? I made chicken noodle soup last night I'll bring you some!" "Nah, it's fine, Trisha's here. She's a great nurse." You could hear the smile in his voice and her weird cackles in the background. "Oh, yeah. Yeah. She's, she's great. Hope you feel better..." "Later" *one more sneeze*
  4. *Trisha's stupid.* You get up outta bed, it now being 5:30, and jump in the shower and...
  5. Now ready, you walk to school. It takes about 35 minutes and by the time you get there you're feet hurt really bad. Out of nowhere a car swerves onto the sidewalk nearly pancaking you!
  6. "Whoa." You stand there shocked and a little out of breath as you see a teeny tiny little locket. It's silver and matches your outfit perfectly. It has your name on it!
  7. "Whoa." You stand there shocked and a little out of breath as you see a teeny tiny little locket. It's silver and matches your outfit perfectly. It has your name on it!
  8. Now in your hand, you see your name in dainty cursive and apart from a little dust it's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. You put it on and head to the door to school.
  9. Your first class is P.E.!
  10. And as you're about to spike the volleyball coming your way you feel it. THAT touch right at the nape of your neck. Is it taking your necklace off?!You get smacked across the face with the ball and go sailing backwards to land flat on your butt.
  11. Everyone crowds around you but you see only one face. A tan face. A male face...:) this boy has curly hair that goes just past his ears and GOLD eyes. *What a rare color...* His eyes are now pleading with you. He doesn't speak but holds up the locket ad places it in my hand. And disappears.

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