The light in a dark world Part 1

Hiya! Twibrite is back! Sorry I haven't been on in a while. Anyway, this is a story about your life, and how it was normal until one day in a mall. This isn't exactly about boys kidnapping you and all that, but you do have a great destiny, and a great choice to make!

So, I wanted to describe you and Jesse a little more, i feel like quizzes never describe them enough. Okay, YOu- You're name is Lacey Rose, you are 5'7 with long curly, dark brown hair and frost blue eyes. You are tall and slender, but with lean muscles. Jesse- 5'10 with REALLY short dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. He is stocky, but very muscular and tan. Not like Jersey Shorish, but skateborder type. Her also happens to have very long black eyelashes. Enjoy:D

Created by: twibrite

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  1. "Come on Lacey!!! The guys are waiting for us at the food court!!" Your best friend Elise grabs your wrist and pulls you away from the My Chem shirt you're looking at. Elise is a 5'1, short brown haired spaz and enjoys pulling you every where. She proceeds to drag you along with her as fast as her little legs will carry her.
  2. When she finally stops to get her breath, it's in front of a table where two guys are already seated. One is wearing an August Burns Red T with black jeans, he has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. (Jesse), the other has short blond hair and brown eyes.(Chase)
  3. You are panting a little and you sit down next to Jesse(like always) He chuckles and says "Run too much?" You turn to him and roll your eyes. "It's more than you'll ever do Princess!!" You and Jesse have a joke, you two and your family went on a trip together and one morning you had too wake up really early. When you got in the car Jesse was half-dead with tiredness. You asked him if he'd gotten enough beauty sleep and he said no, you said I thought beauty sleep was just for princesses? You've called him Princess ever since.
  4. Jesse grabs you around the neck and growls in your ear, "What'd you call me?" You laugh and tease him again. "Princess!" He laughs and lets you go. Chase rolls his eyes and ELise giggles. "Stop flirting you two!" Jesse shakes his head and smirks, "As if, she's like my sister!" You flash ELise a glance and she shrugs. You've liked Jesse for two years now, but you don't think he likes you back.
  5. "Hey Lacey." Chase calls your name and you turn. "Do you know those guys over there?" You glance at the table he points at and shake you head. He laughs. "Well they've been staring at you for the past ten minuets." You turn and look again, two guys and a girl are looking at you with undisguised curiosity. The two guys are normal, in fact they just seem...blank. They both have the same black cropped hair and vacant gray eyes, they are both wearing black pants and shirts. The girl was something else however. Even though she doesn't seem to be wearing makeup, she radiates with a natural beauty. Her long bleach blonde hair falls in perfect waves and her jade green eyes bored into my frost blue ones. I shuddered as an unsightly cold worked it's way through my bones.
  6. "Well that's weird, anyway I have to go to the bathroom, Elise come with me." Before she has a chance to reply you drag her out of her seat and across the floor. After you do your business you and Elise stand in the bathroom and talk a while. ELise- So you really like Jesse huh? You- Yeah, but he doesn't like me like that. Elise- You don't know that for a fact. Gosh, You're such a pansy! ask him about it at least!! You friend punch her and walk to the door just as it swings open.
  7. The blonde girl steps in to the bathroom and looks at you with a smile. "Oh, hello Lacey. Would you mind if I talked to you for a minuet?" You exchange an uneasy glance with ELise, but gesture for her to leave. She does so with hesitant steps.
  8. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Meredith. You don't know me, or don't remember me. But I know you Lacey. I do apologize for the bluntness of the situation, but I must insist you come with me." You back up a couple of steps. This Meredith chick must be crazy!! I f she thought you would just go then she had another thing coming. You reached toward your messenger bag where you kept you pepper spray.
  9. Meredith sighs. "All right if you're going to be difficult...typical Lacia." You think, wait, what did she call me? But then your distracted because she crosses to the door and opens it. The two guys walk in and focus on you with their concrete eyes. Meredith flicks her head towards you and one of the guy rockets forward. YOu scream and throw up the hand with the pepper spray. It hits him in the face, but he doesn't seem to feel it. His closed fist swings towards your head and you are enveloped in soft darkness.
  10. Please rate and comment! First five people to comment get a shout out in the next quiz, also, if anyone can give me an idea for a charecter(a godd one lol) I might use them!

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